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Blending system by displacement of particles through aeration

Ideal solution to homogenize fragile or abrasive solids.

Adequate system only for blending of powders with grain size below 500 µm; usually used for batch processes.

Fluidization happens from the bottom upwards. The particles are fluidized by the passage of gas (usually air) through the bulk material. This random movement of the particles allows for blending in fluidized beds. Fluidization can be intensified horizontally by varying the aeration flow through different air intake points, thus optimizing the blending and mixing time.

To allow for a perfect operation of the system, the use of blowers and filters is mandatory.

Fluidization outflow speed increases proportionally to the grain size of the particles, incurring in pressure drop. 

Homogenization of the particles takes place smoothly because during the fluidization the particles are subject to a minimum of external forces.

The composition of the blend is continuous, granting a complete discharge cycle with simultaneous withdrawal of the air from the product.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America can offer you a homogenizing system with total flexibility for powdered materials.

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                                                       Supporting structure of a fluidized bottom with aeration cloth and divided main airstream through two concentric zones.

Fluidized bottom with tissue granting an even aeration.


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